#01 – Welcome to the Road to Hawaii

Gazing up to the sky, seeing the sunlight filter through the luscious coconut trees, and frequently catching the rays warmth hit my skin. Walking out into an opening, being greeted by a tranquil lagoon, and in the backdrop, the sight of a vividly blue and white waterfall. Running along the warm white sand, surfboard underneath my arm, before crashing into the cool, turquoise ocean, feeling the splash of saltwater and sun caress my skin at the same time. These have been my go-to thoughts since I was a schoolkid.

And this place I dreamt of? Hawaii. 

So, welcome to the ‘Road to Hawaii Series’ – a weekly blog series, dedicated to transforming into the best versions of ourselves in preparation for whatever our ‘Hawaii’ may be – a summer holiday, your best friends’ wedding or if you just want to improve your overall health and fitness.

Over the next 25 weeks, I’ll be documenting my diet and fitness progress, sharing my workout regimes and meal plans. I’ll be celebrating the end to the ‘Road to Hawaii Series’ on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Collaboration is the number one key to success, so please, join me on this journey, and let’s achieve those summer bodies that we all secretly envy on Instagram.

WHY? It’s been my dream as a kid to visit Hawaii. I feel like I’m Moana’s long lost brother. And because it’s the place I’ve been longing to visit, I want to be in the best shape possible. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some of Hollywood’s best fitness trainers and gain lots of knowledge about health and the human body. When I’ve been cast in films, we normally have a trainer whip us in shape 4-6 weeks before shooting. Quick time, quick results. But the training isn’t sustainable. I guess that’s the reason why I’m doing this blog. I want to share my knowledge with you as well as create a sustainable lifestyle plan to get in the best shape possible.

LET’S GO! So since New Year, I’ve been back on track with my diet and fitness. There’s a while to go until the end of summer and I hit Hawaii, so I think we have plenty of time to gradually build lean muscle, lose unnecessary fat and keep our hearts healthy. Since the New Year, I’ve been busy promoting this blog and a new movie I have coming out. I’ve recently returned from a press day in Sweden, however, a typical day for me looks like:

  • 05:30am – Wake up
  • 06:00am – Hit the gym (more on the workout split I’m doing below)
  • 07:30am – Breakfast: Spinach smoothie and egg white omelette
  • 09:15am – Start working
  • 10:30am – Granola with greek yoghurt and peanut butter
  • 1:00pm – Lunch: Chicken, veg and rice
  • 3:00pm – Protein bar
  • 4:30pm – Chicken, veg and rice
  • 7:30pm – Dinner: Roast beef, veg and mash potato
  • 9:00pm – Protein shake
  • 10:00pm – Bed

As you can see, this timeframe fits in with most people who work an average day, so you guys could follow a similar pattern to the above. There are limitations for people who have young children, lead busy lifestyles, people whose metabolism isn’t as fast, but this is what works for me. You’ll find what works for you and be able to fit that into achieving your goals. It’s all trial and error and again, there’s plenty of time to find what works for you.

So I mentioned my workout split. Below is how I’ve started training at the gym. A trainer I used to work with told me about the benefits of splitting your muscle groups. You want to isolate the muscle groups, to maximise the focus and tension on them when you are working out. For example, if we take the below, when we work out our chest and triceps on a Monday, you’ll be able to train these muscles to failure (aka – like you can’t lift anymore!). Giving your chest a rest the preceding days, will mean that those muscles have the time to repair themselves and grow back stronger and bigger.

  • Monday – Chest/Triceps/Abs
  • Tuesday – Back/Biceps/Abs
  • Wednesday – Rest day
  • Thursday – Legs/Abs
  • Friday – Biceps/Triceps/Abs
  • Saturday – Cardio/Abs
  • Sunday – Rest

Throughout the series, I’ll be going more in depth on the types of exercises you can do for each muscle group, and the technique to do them, at home and at the gym. I’m gonna give the above a trial for the next few weeks and monitor my progress there. Of course, I’ll also share that progress with you!

Let me know if you already follow the above routine, or something similar. I’d love to hear your tips and advice. If you have any questions or want to ask me something, please leave a comment below or email team@tommyhatto.com. I am more than happy to help!

3 responses to “#01 – Welcome to the Road to Hawaii”

  1. Lorna says:

    This was a very good read! Lots of useful tips!

  2. Ashley says:

    How long do you usually spend at the gym?

  3. Andrew says:

    how long is a good amount of time to do the plank to start seeing results?