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Hope Virgo – Mental Health Campaigner

Posted on Sunday 21st June 2020

Tommy chats with author and mental health activist, Hope Virgo. Hope’s story started back when she was a teenager, developing an eating disorder to drown out the pain of sexual abuse she suffered. Hope suffered from anorexia, which eventually let to her being admitted to a mental health hospital at the age of 17. Now, […]

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Bobby Ida & Shiella Frederica – Fitness Influencers

Posted on Saturday 30th May 2020

Tommy chats to fitness influencers Bobby Ida and Shiella Frederica. They have built a platform on YouTube and Instagram for their body transformations, offering advice and workouts for people wanting to start out. They speak with Tommy of how they discovered fitness and how this has led to being some of Asia’s biggest influencers. They […]

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Jesse Brisendine – Hollywood Life Coach

Posted on Monday 18th May 2020

Tommy chats to Hollywood lifecoach, Jesse Brisendine. Jesse goes back through his past and details the struggles he has faced, which has led him to become one of Hollywood’s most sought after life coaches. After the death of his father and his two best friends, including Fast and Furious star, Paul Walker – Jesse offers […]

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Ramona Braganza – Hollywood Personal Trainer

Posted on Sunday 17th May 2020

Tommy chats to celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza. Ramona started out her career as a dancer and cheerleader before finding herself in LA competing in fitness competitions. She tells Tommy about her transition into Hollywood, being responsible for the bodies of Jessica Alba, Zac Efron and Halle Berry. She also offers some advice for at home […]

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