#04 – One Month Progress

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a great week, and are ready to tackle the next one! We are at the one month stop on the ‘Road to Hawaii’ series, and I really want to hear how your progress is going on the road to being the healthiest, fittest version of you, so drop a comment below or shoot me an email at team@tommyhatto.com. Even if you’re lacking some motivation and need someone to give you that boost you need, let me know!

In terms of my own progress, week by week, I am noticing very small changes to my body, but even better, my strength. I am noticing my chest feels and looks a little tighter. I don’t necessarily want to add size to my physique, but look leaner and more athletic, and become more stronger. I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to add more weight into the different exercises I’ve been doing (bench press, shoulder press, lateral raise).

Remember last week I told you to keep changing up your routines a little bit, to keep your body on high alert at what’s coming next – I decided to add a bit more weight to the exercises I was completing and adding 1 more rep onto each set to fully get the best out of my workouts. I’ll continue to switch up the order of the exercises on each day in the following weeks and perhaps change the days around of the exercises.

Because you may be noticing very small changes to your body, it might actually have the opposite effect and de-motivate you. What I want to let you know, that bottom line – progress is progress. No matter how small or large, you’re heading in the right direction. But if you find yourself feeling deflated by seeing minimal progress, then one tip I always like to advise people and one tip that I’ve been given is to take photos of yourself along your fitness journey. Take a photo of you face on and one to the side. I’d recommend taking those exact same photo positions every month. This way you’ll see a more significant change to your body and that may inspire you more. Think of it like a mind trick, we see bigger differences so we stay motivated. Give it a try and hopefully see if that works for you?

Anyways, it’ll be a nice keepsake to look back at the end of your journey and see how far you’ve come. I’ll try and post some progress pics next week for you guys. Just remember to stay focused – try out some of the exercises I’ve posted about in previous weeks and mix them up a bit!