Iced Vanilla Latte

The longer you leave it, the tastier it becomes


• 3 tsp instant coffee
• 150ml almond milk
• 2 tsp vanilla extract
• Water


1. Boil the kettle with the water. Once boiled, mix the instant coffee and water together in a jug. You want enough liquid to pour into an ice cube tray (around 10 ice cubes). Place in the freezer and free for at least 1 hour
2. Mix the vanilla extract and almond milk together.
3. Once you are ready to serve, place the ice cubes in a glass and pour the milk mixture over.
4. Serve. The longer you leave the ice cubes to melt, the stronger you’re coffee will be.

PREP & COOK TIME: 1 hour 5 minutes

SUPERFOOD: Coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants which helps boost energy and may reduce type 2 diabetes