Seated Cable Row

  1. On a seated cable row machine, attach a ‘V-Grip’ handle to the machine, and set the weight to one you can comfortably do around 10 reps for.
  2. Place your feet on the pads available, if there are no pads, find a step and place that in front of the machine before placing your feet on it.
  3. Begin by having your arms completely outstretched as this move targets the lats and this position best engages the area. Keep your head, back and spine neutrally aligned, with your chest elevated and core engaged.
  4. With a small bend in your knees, pull the attachment in towards your body to just below the naval, initiating the move by driving your elbows towards your hips, keeping the elbows in. 
  5. As the attachment reaches your torso, squeeze your lats and shoulder blades, holding the contraction for 1-2sec. 
  6. Bring your arms back to the beginning.