Celebrate water!

Sawasdee kap!

It’s Thai New Year (aka Songkran) and this marks the beginning of the Thai New Year and is celebrated by the crazy water fights that break out in the streets. If you’re visiting Thailand during the New Year, you will get soaked. Water is an important factor in the Songkran celebrations, but bringing it back closer to home – water is an important factor for our bodies. 

The one key piece of advice I give out to anyone who asks me about health or good skin is to drink water. And drink plenty of it. Our bodies are around 60% water and are a key part of every function within our bodies. We need to replenish the water we lose everyday (through sweating, going to the toilet and yes… even breathing). Keeping our hydration levels up will ensure we maintain optimal performance. Think about when you feel dehydrated… you feel hot, you feel tired, you have no energy and you have a headache. That’s down to not drinking enough water. Our body can’t operate at less than 100%. Drinking water will also help you look great too! Staying hydrated is going to give your skin a natural glow and stop you looking like a prune. Dry skin = not enough water. It’s textbook stuff. And as I always say, when you start to naturally look better, you’ll feel better within yourself.

I always try to aim for 2 and a half litres of water a day, and it’s the only thing I drink throughout the day. So this week, try drinking just a little more water everyday and replenish your body. Especially just in time for Easter when we will be tucking into some chocolate!

Happy Songkran and Happy Easter!