Baby stretch now

When you’re starting back out in the gym, or on a new fitness kick, the biggest rookie mistake to make is forgetting to stretch. Stretching before a workout and stretching after.

I for one know the time constraints when trying to fit a workout into a busy schedule, but even dedicating 5-10 minutes at the beginning and end of a workout to warming up your muscles and limbs by stretching will keep you in the game opposed to knocking you out, before it’s even begun.

Some of the benefits of stretching include:

‣ Increased flexibility – the more regularly you stretch, the more you are delaying your chances of reduced mobility as you become older.

‣ Warming up your muscles – by stretching prior to exercise, you are circulating blood flow to the muscles you’ll be working out, which will help reduce the soreness you’ll feel after working out.

‣ Reduce potential injuries – we have all experienced the pain when we have a stiff back or a pulled muscle. Regular stretching will help reduce any potential injuries to our muscles by preparing them for any upcoming physical activities.

‣ Reduces stress and tension – stretching is also a form of meditation, and although great for our physical being, it’s also great for our mental health too. Using this time to calm your mind will help start your day off with a focused and clear head.

So, reminder – when you’re next at the gym ready to begin a workout, or you’ve just woken up and about to start your day: take 5 or 10 minutes out to stretch your muscles out.

All champions need to be game ready.