Month: May 2019


#14 – No Sugar, No Carbs Challenge

Posted on Sunday 26th May 2019

I’m truly believe in shaking things up every once and a while and challenging your body to progress. Remember in week 1, I talk about hitting a ‘plateau’, where your aren’t seeing the gains or results as fast as in the beginning. This is because your body is becoming used to your new routine and […]

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#13 – Exercises whilst away from home

Posted on Tuesday 14th May 2019

Hey guys, another week on the Road to Hawaii and another week closer to us all achieving our fitness goals and those bodies we have spent dreaming of. I’m currently on a short weekend trip away in Newquay with friends, so I’m hoping to try and incorporate some outdoor exercise to replace the gym I’d […]

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#12 – Cutting Down

Posted on Sunday 5th May 2019

Hey guys, welcome back to The Road to Hawaii series. In the last few weeks, I’ve been walking you through the exercises I do and the benefits these exercises have on my different muscle groups. In the second half of this series, I want to go into more detail about each week that passes and […]

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