Month: March 2019


#07 – Keeping the drive when sick

Posted on Sunday 31st March 2019

Hey guys, what’s up? Hope you’ve all had a good and productive week! I was going to write another post on exercises, but as this is a series following my own journey towards improvement and transformation, I wanted to slightly change it up, and tell you all about how I stay motivated and on track […]

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#06 – Sea Legs

Posted on Sunday 24th March 2019

We are coming into the last week of March, which leaves about 5 months to go until I go to Hawaii and hopefully, show off all my hard work. Hopefully, you too, will be able to show off those lean glowing bodies of yours for whatever event you are going to! This week, I want […]

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#05 – Weight on your shoulders

Posted on Sunday 17th March 2019

Welcome back to the ‘Road to Hawaii’ blog, our online blog series where you can follow my fitness journey on the road to Hawaii. I want to transform my body to be in the best shape of my life where I go on my dream vacation of Maui in August. If you’ve been reading the […]

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#04 – One Month Progress

Posted on Sunday 10th March 2019

Hi everyone, Hope you’ve all had a great week, and are ready to tackle the next one! We are at the one month stop on the ‘Road to Hawaii’ series, and I really want to hear how your progress is going on the road to being the healthiest, fittest version of you, so drop a […]

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#03 – Bringing sexy Back

Posted on Sunday 3rd March 2019

Can you believe it’s another week already?! Hey guys, welcome back to the ‘Road to Hawaii’ series. Last week, I spoke about the exercises and benefits of working out of chest. Click here to read last week’s blog post. This week, I want to talk about back, and why we should exercise our back muscles […]

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