Month: February 2019


#02 – Treasure Chest

Posted on Sunday 24th February 2019

Hey guys, how you doing? It’s week 2 of the ‘Road to Hawaii Series’ and in my last blog post, I said I was going to go into more detail about our muscle groups, and what exercises we can do to really isolate those key muscles and focus our strength and tension into them for […]

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#01 – Welcome to the Road to Hawaii

Posted on Sunday 17th February 2019

Gazing up to the sky, seeing the sunlight filter through the luscious coconut trees, and frequently catching the rays warmth hit my skin. Walking out into an opening, being greeted by a tranquil lagoon, and in the backdrop, the sight of a vividly blue and white waterfall. Running along the warm white sand, surfboard underneath […]

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Posted on Saturday 2nd February 2019