#15 – Eating Out The Good Way

Welcome back guys!

Last week I spoke about my recent temporary 7 day no carbs no sugar challenge. Did you participate? I’d love to hear how you felt doing the challenge. Let me know if you felt and saw the benefits of cutting out starchy white carbs and processed sugars from your diet, and replacing them with more leafy green nutritious vegetables!

We are 2 months out from the final destination of Hawaii, where I hope to be in the best shape of my life (and healthiest of course!). Hopefully, you all have a target event you want to get in shape for and are seeing the results of the hard work and graft you have undertaken in the past few months.

I want to talk about diet and how to eat well when you are eating out. I am currently in Thailand for some work, so don’t have the facility to cook my own food.

You can still eat out and enjoy the food you order, but you can also be smart about the food choices. If you’re getting prepared for an event and you want to be at your fittest and healthiest, then this should be your number 1 priority. However, that does not mean depriving yourself of going out for dinner or just eating leaves when you go out.

My number one advice that I tell people when they eat out or want to indulge in something is to choose nutrition over calories. Rather than choose something which is lower in calories and has zero nutritional value, look for the nutrition something gives you, where the calories are moderate.

For example, and this is all totally hypothetical – if you have two options between a skinny cheeseburger and fries which is 300 calories vs a grilled chicken breast, vegetables and rice which is 500 calories, a lot of people would go for the burger because the calories are lower. But you’ll get more nutrition from the chicken and rice. You’ll get protein from the chicken, vitamins from the veg, carbohydrates from the rice.