#09 – Tricep Training

Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to another blog post on the Road to Hawaii. We are halfway through this series of summer shredding and ab building. I would love to see your progress results at the halfway mark! Send them to team@tommyhatto.com.

In terms of my own progress, I have noticed my upper body gaining some more muscular definition, in particular my shoulders. I am also seeing a little more progress on my abs. I’ve been eating a lot whilst exercising to build a little more mass, build a little more muscle – so my abs haven’t been visible. However, I’ll talk more into the ab workouts I do next week, and how next month – I’ll cut down on the carbs and sugars I eat to help get that lean definition.

As for this week, it’s the turn of the triceps! Last week I showed you numerous exercises to build up and show off those biceps. The biceps are the front part of your upper arm. The part we commonly associate with muscle building and pop-eye. But there’s also the back of the upper arms called the triceps. Whilst the biceps are just for show, working out the triceps do provide function to the movement of your arms. The triceps are the muscles that connect your shoulder to your elbow, so every time you bend your arm – you are utilizing your tricep muscle. It’s key to strengthen and regularly exercise your triceps to aid all upper body movements. So below is my tricep workout. I tend to work my triceps at the end of my chest workouts, so add these exercises at the end of your chest workout and see how it goes!

CABLE TRICEP EXTENSION (15 reps x 4 sets)
I like starting my tricep exercises with this exercise on a light weight so warm up the muscles. You’ll need to be a gym member to do this exercise, as we will be using the cable machine. Attach a rope to the cable machine at the highest level and stand shoulder width apart, with your back straight. Hold the ropes, keeping your elbows by your side and pull the rope down until your arms are in a straight line down. You should feel your triceps contracting. Try doing this for 14 more reps. You should feel those triceps warmed up now….

Cable tricep extension. Image courtesy of Bob Mathews.

Right, we’ve warmed up so now you want to add a little more weight to the cable machine and replace the rope with a straight bar. Stand shoulder width apart and hold onto the bar with your arms bent and elbows by your side. Use a reverse grip on the bar. This means instead of placing your hands on top of the bar and pushing the bar down, you want to hold the bar with your hands underneath (palms facing up) and pull the bar down, until your arms are straight.

Reverse grip tricep pushdown. Image courtesy of Muscqle

For the last exercise, you want quite a heavy weight. If you’re a gym user then grab a heavy dumbbell that you’ll be able to do 12 reps of this exercise on. If you are at home, grab a big water bottle or a weight you can hold behind your head. Sit on a flat bench and hold the dumbbell with both hands behind your head. You then want to bring the weight up slowly above your head until your arms are straight. You should feel your triceps contracting. Repeat for 11 more reps and rest.

Overhead tricep extension. Image courtesy of Skimble.